Definition of Problem

When running matdyn.x, it raises the following error:

    task #         0
    from frc_blk : error #         1
    wrong total_weight

Such error locates in file matdyn.f90.

Cause and Explaination

The subroutine frc_blk in matdyn.f90 calculates the dynamical matrix at q from the force constants. It uses subroutine wsweight to calculate whether everything should be in the WS cell is there. The wsweight subroutine uses a eps parameter to determine whether a point is on the vertex. If the atom coordinates is not accurate enough, this might be wrong.

Steps for Resolving the Problem

  1. Edit file $QE_HOME/pw/src/wsweight.f90, lower the value for parameter eps, to maybe 1.0d-4.
  2. Go to $QE_HOME/pw/src and run make libpw.a to recompile libpw.a.
  3. Go to $QE_HOME/PHonon/PH and run make matdyn.x to recompile matdyn.x

Problem that might cause this compile unsuccessful

Some external libraries dependencies might cause compiling of this component unsuccessful. Check out $QE_HOME/ In my case, I removed all ELPA related items.